TruPeace Academy

We are a K-12 Christian School in Stockbridge, GA
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We are in the process of opening an education center, TruPeace Academy (K-12) in September 2017!  The center will be located in Stockbridge, GA.  There are currently no adult enrichment/meditation classes.  We currently offer tutoring at your home or an agreed upon public location.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Peace & Affirmations

We create an ambiance so children  can attain peace and relaxation while learning.  Some students may enjoy the colorful environment, flame-less candles, and silence.  While others may prefer soft classical music and a warm cup of tea while reading. Students speak affirmations of peace-daily and gather in prayer.  Students can leave the hustle and bustle of public schools and learn in a safe and quiet environment, with minimal class disruptions, and a Christ-centered atmosphere of love, creativity, and a joy of learning.

Education & Enrichment

Students may receive academic credits while participating in our learning center courses. Students can attend the education program during a regular school day (5 days per week). We will offer the S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program, as well as personalized learning modules.  We also offer private and group tutorials in math,reading and language arts.  Our enrichment classes develop character and self-esteem.  Children will learn positive affirmations to encourage achievement in all facets of life. 

Christian School, Stockbridge, GA

Christian Meditation & Prayer

Unlike western religions, student will learn to effectively meditate on the Word of God, using stillness, and silence, in Jesus Name.   They will learn how to reduce stress, improve health, concentration and attain peace within. No matter what trials they face in their lives, christian meditation may help your child to practice stillness and being quiet to hear the voice of God. Additionally, they hear by reading the word of God (Our Holy Bible) and talk to God through prayer; developing a powerful relationship with our Father.